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15 Hours to Start Your Writing Journey

15 classes of 60 minutes each

Writing an article/essay/blog can be intimidating. Often, this is because we do not know what the reader wants or because we do not know how to structure our thoughts. The approach to teaching and learning effective writing is mathematical in nature. In this course, writing is made as simple as 2+2=4. Once the formulas are understood, your ideas and thoughts can help to assign the values in the formula.

Level - Elementary/ Intermediate/ Advanced

  • Elementary is for the learners of classes 6-8
  • Intermediate is for the learners of classes 9-10
  • Advanced is for the learners from class 11th onwards

Batches start on 1st and 15th of every month


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Learn how to overcome the writing anxiety and writer's block by learning Brainstorm Strategies


Attention Getter Strategies


Content Support Strategies


Outlining Strategies


How to write powerful Introduction and Conclusion


Final Impression Strategies


In the course, get hands on experience by writing a couple of the essays effectively by using color-coated examples that show every step.

Nothing horrified me more than being asked to write a few sentences in English. Even though I studied in an English medium school, I never had the confidence of writing anything. Writing occurred to me as something beyond me and a domain only meant for creative people.

When I came to know of this course, the outline itself gave me confidence that writing may not be that challenging a task. Essays were broken into paragraphs and paragraphs further broken down to sentences. Suddenly writing was no longer a daunting task. Different writing styles were discussed and explained. We were also exposed to content generation strategies that can be used to write any article/essay. There were specific assignments given at the end of class to practice the skills taught in the class.

After completing the course, I realize writing can be just another analytical task which can be done by anyone with basic English language skills. The course by Priyamvada Aggarwal really removed the halo around writing.

Ashish Aggarwal

Founder of national preschool chain, Footprints

Of the four language skills, writing skills are the most challenging to acquire. Developing Powerful Writing Skills is a unique program to develop and enhance our writing skills. The course has rich content and is well planned. The guided writing sessions and the feedback on assignments are very useful to improve the written work and make a mark! Highly recommended for all those who wish to write effectively.

Radha Murthy

Senior Teacher

¬†I have experienced an improvement in my writing skills. I came to know about the structure and form of the sentence and the paragraph. Earlier I used to face problems regarding my writing skills but not it has improved a little. I will try to improve further in this context. I would like to thank professor Dr. Priyamvada for engaging us in an online course “Developing powerful writing skills” which was very beneficial and we have learnt many techniques about writing properly.

Vimmi Verma

A post graduate student

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