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Samples of Students’ Writing

PS: These samples are first drafts.

What are these students able to do as a writer?

  • Follow a proper structure of an essay.
  • Stay on the topic.
  • Have a clear thesis statement to work around.
  • Are able to build the body paragraphs to support the controlling idea in the thesis statement.

Pizza vs Pasta

The war between pizza and pasta lovers is never-ending. The fans of the two dishes barely want to switch sides. Indeed, personalities are being identified as pizza-lover or pasta-lover, just like a cat-lover or dog-lover. These two most relished Italian dishes have...

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Burritos vs Tacos

There are two foods that I love. I have always loved them since I was small and treasure them both. One of them being a burrito and the other, a taco.They both seem extremely similar but if you look deeper into each of the foods, they actually turn out to be quite...

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