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What do you prefer, mouth-watering pizza or succulent Fettuccine in Alfredo sauce? These are two delectable different dishes which will leave you drooling at the spot. On the one hand, they have several similarities such as: the origin of the dish, the type of meal it is and the fundamental ingredients which are used to prepare it. While on the other side of the spectrum, they have a few differences, for instance: the way they are prepared, the way they are eaten and their shape and size.


Both these finger licking divine and lip smacking meals originate from Italy and are a dominant part of the Italian cuisine. Any Italian restaurant you go to, you will always find these two tantalizing dishes in the main course menu. Furthermore, cheese is one of the vital ingredients in both these dishes which renders the meal a creamy texture and flavor. I personally believe that this is one major reason these meals top children’s favourite food list. Moreover, both of these dishes are entree dishes which means they are part of the main course. Another notable similarity between the two dishes is that white flour is the fundamental element of both Fettuccine and pizza.  In pizza the base is primarily made up of white flour similarly the key ingredient of the flat strip of fettuccine is white flour.


However, pizza and fettuccine have several dissimilarities as well. One remarkable difference is the way these dishes are prepared. While pizza is baked in an oven to get its crispy texture, fettuccine on the other hand is boiled in water to make it soft and edible.  Furthermore, pizza is generally eaten with your hands; whereas, fettuccine is eaten with cutlery. In addition to this, both of them are different in shape and size. Pizza is round in base and is approximately 1 –  2 cm thick; in contrast, fettuccine has flat strips and is approximately 1 – 2 mm thick.


In summation, both fettuccine and pizza are quintessential parts of Italian cuisine.  Even though these two meals have several similarities, they both have their unique features which makes the dishes special in their own way. Both these dishes are my personal favourite and the mere sight and tantalising aroma of these meals makes my stomach rumble, igniting my appetite. If you have never tried these dishes, then you must give it a shot and I am sure it will definitely satiate your taste buds leaving you drooling at the spot!

By Arhan Lakhiani

Grade 8

Dubai College

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