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There are two foods that I love. I have always loved them since I was small and treasure them both. One of them being a burrito and the other, a taco.They both seem extremely similar but if you look deeper into each of the foods, they actually turn out to be quite different from each other.Some similarities include their origin and the ingredients. However, there are also some differences such as their size and the wrap used to contain the ingredients.

There are many similarities between a taco and a burrito. For example, they both come from the same country. Both tacos and burritos originate from mexico. Another similarity is the ingredients. They both can contain chicken, guacamole, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. This can be changed but mostly they contain similar ingredients.

Despite their similarities, there are indeed many differences. One being size. Burritos are considerably larger in size compared to a taco. The size also affects how filling the food is and therefore burritos are much more filling meaning 1 or 2 would be suitable for a full meal. Tacos on the other hand are light and are more of a snack and therefore 4 or 5 are required for tacos to be considered as a full meal. Burritos are made of a different wrap compared to a taco. Tacos are made of hard shells which contain the ingredients well whilst burritos are made of flour tortillas and are less stable which means the ingredients tend to fall out more easily. 

Tacos and burritos are widely known and most people consider them the same things. However, they have much less in common than they have in difference. I personally favour the taco more but both are delicious. Tacos and burritos are the foods that I look forward to the most.


Qasim Hassan Zaidi

Year 8

Dubai College