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 Work with me

Having been in the education industry for the last 13 years has given me the opportunity to work with some great people and some great companies in the field of education. This has in turn given me rich experience also. If you are interested in having me speak at your school or conference please use the contact form or email me directly at contact@takeanedge.com

Services I offer:

1. Workshops for your faculty

However, we wished to keep technology out of schools but now they have become an integral part of education. Learn about ways to use technology in your classrooms. You can get workshops tailor-made for your faculty.

2. Webinars for your faculty

This is a cost-effective way to have me work with your faculty. We can schedule webinars at a time that is convenient for your faculty to participate. Webinars are recorded for those members of your faculty who cannot attend live.

3. Consultancy Services

We can work together to seek solutions to classroom problems in teaching languages, to design tailor-made reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling curriculum. You can also book an online appointment for feedback on your writing.

Below is a list of suggested topics you can choose for professional development sessions:

  1. How to teach language skills in the Indian context?
  2. How to develop communication skills?
  3. How to design a lesson plan?
  4. How to write effective learning outcomes?
  5. How to teach sub-skills of all the four language skills i.e LSRW?
  6. How to help students to remember what they read?
  7. How to help students draw meaning from what they read?
  8. How to help students visualize what they read?
  9. How to help students read to write?
  10. How to teach grammar in a fun way?
  11. How to teach interactively in an online medium?
  12. How to assess online?
  13. How to teach students to read to learn?