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15 Hours to Start Your Writing Journey

7-week classes

Writing  can be intimidating. Often, this is because we do not know what the reader wants or because we do not know how to structure our thoughts. The approach to teaching and learning effective writing is mathematical in nature. In this course, writing is made as simple as 2+2=4. Once the formulas are understood, your ideas and thoughts can help to assign the values in the formula.

5 Power-Packed Hours to Business Email Writing

5 classes 

Does your work-life depend on writing emails daily?
Would you want to make the right impression on your clients through your emails? Is it a struggle to know what makes for clear email communication? What does it take to construct an email well?


Why have good communication skills?

Improve your chances of success in job or business

One of the most important skills that leaders possess

The only skill which will help you make the people follow you

They facilitate you to learn, grow, and progress

These skills are one of the most important parameters in financial success

Being articulate is highly prized in today’s workplace


Frequently Asked Questions

I have never taken a writing class before. Can I still join?

Yes, you can because our courses are pitched at different difficulty levels.

Who is best suited for this course?

Anybody who is willing to polish their workplace life skills and take an edge over others. 

How long are the courses?

The course length varies depending on which training course you’re due to attend. The course overview page will give you an idea of the course length. 

How big are the class sizes?

On average our training courses have 10 attendees, although we do run some courses with larger numbers. It’s possible to have any number, including 1-1 training also, and regardless of the size you’ll always get the same quality of training.

Will I get any certificate?

This is a course in which you will earn genuine skills. And for that, you don’t need any certificates. If you have the skills then they help you shine everywhere. Certificates are no guarantee that you know the skill.

What if I need to change or cannot make it to the class?

In case if you have to miss a session for some unavoidable reasons then please intimate me at contact@takeanedge.com. We would try our best to address the gap.

Is refund possible?

The course fees is non-refundable. Read reviews before joining a paid course or attend a short webinar on a topic of your interest and then join.

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